Five Star Accreditation

SPA Five Star Logo

Code of Practice

Sheet Plants will:-

  • Embrace high ethical standards
  • Strive for Best Practice
  • Take pride in the Sheet Plant sector
  • Engender trust and co-operation between Sheet Plants
  • Support continuous improvement in all aspects of business

and will apply these principles even handedly across the five key aspects of their business activity:-

  • Customer Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality/Hygiene
  • Supplier Relations

Five Star Accredited sheet plants will have demonstrated compliance with standards of best practice within these five areas.

Downloads relating to the Five Star Accreditation are available within the Members Area.

Customer Relations (1 Star)

  • SPA Terms & Conditions of Sale (or equivalent)
  • Respond to enquiries within 2 working days
  • Produce samples within 5 working days
  • Respond to complaints and resolve within 5 days
  • Respond to visit requests within 2 days
  • Transparency regarding board grades, specifications etc.
  • 90% or better ‘On Time Delivery’
  • Customer changes to delivery dates are met where physically possible
  • Timely and accurate administration (eg. Invoices within 2 days,Credit notes resolved within 5 days, monthly statements within 2 weeks of month end, disciplined credit control and payment posting with no unallocated balances)

Employee Relations (2 Star)

  • SPA Contract of Employment (or equivalent)
  • Compliance with employment legislation
  • Equal opportunity policy and culture
  • Investors in people Award
  • or evidence of:
  • Procedure for induction of new employees
  • Procedure for assessing training needs
  • Evidence of developing employees and helping them achieve their maximum potential
  • On the job training
  • Regular assessments
  • Annual staff briefing on company performance/direction

Health & Safety and Environment (3 Star)

  • SPA H&S procedure and ISO14001
  • or evidence of:
  • Compliance with H&S and Environmental legislation
  • Written H&S policy
  • Nominated H&S representative
  • Written H&S rules and responsibilities
  • H&S training for all members of staff
  • Regular risk assessments and corrective action
  • COSHH, EAW, Fire Evacuation, Display screen regs, etc.
  • Minimisation of environmental impact in products and facilities

Quality/Hygiene (4 Star)

  • ISO9000 and (if appropriate) BRC/IoP Technical Standard
  • or evidence of:
  • Procedure for contract review
  • Written work instructions
  • Inspection during and at end of production
  • Written Hygiene Policy (if appropriate) and evidence of adherence
  • Training of production and administration staff
  • Procedure for resolving customer complaints
  • Procedure for corrective action and continuous improvement
  • Procedure for evaluating and grading suppliers

Supplier Relations (5 Star)

  • SPA Terms & Conditions of Purchase, (or equivalent)
  • Payment to agreed terms
  • Supplier relationship is based on open and honest trading
  • Minimal number of small value credit note requests