Welcome to the Sheet Plant Association

"The UK Sheet Plant Association exists for the benefit of its member companies and their employees. The Association promotes the interests of the corrugated sheet plant sector."

Chairman’s Mission Statement

Tim Gray
Chairman, UK Sheet
Plant Association
Managing Director,
Dairi-Pak Ltd.

"My vision for the SPA for the next four years is very clear - to help our member companies to become and continue to be excellent businesses. I plan to achieve this by offering two flavours of professional support for Sheet Plants

On a Micro level - training, best practice initiatives and good professional advice/support for all Sheet Plants in the SPA.

On a Macro level - keep our members well informed and safe with regular updates on the economic outlook, new legislation and Health & Safety guidelines, whilst continuing to use the SPA as a vehicle to influence our industry peers, government and consumers. - June 2010"

SPA 97th Conference - 8th October 2018

Sheet Plant Association 97th Conference ... Treat yourself to time out of the office, a packed agenda of Industry-specific content plus plenty of time to network, socialise and get up-to-speed with what's going on in the Industry and the wider UK Economy.