SPA 101st Conference - 27th January 2020

The Belfry Hotel & Resort
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The SPA's 101st Conference is to be held at the Belfry Hotel and Resort, Lichfield Rd, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham on 27th January.

The Agenda is taking shape and the final Agenda and timings will be published shortly.

As always the Conference will be packed with 100% relevant presentations/content... and there will be plenty of time to network and socialise both at the 'sponsored' bar and during/after dinner.

Are you thinking about selling your business in the future ? Have you seriously looked at your options for 'exit' ? Is there an obvious 'succession plan' that you would like to start working on ? How do you avoid the common pitfalls ? All valid questions that we will be exploring in this session entitled 'Thinking of Selling Your Business' ... Jason Milkins, MD of Roxburgh Milkins (the SPA's retained contract lawyers) will be hosting this session and will be available to answer questions or converse with members discretely or with total anonymity after the event.


Have you contemplated 'Growing Your Business by Acquisition' ? How do you go about it ? What is an 'acquisition target' worth ? Do you buy the whole business or just the order book ? Valid questions that will be answered by experts in this field from Roxburgh Milkins. Several SPA members have successfully grown through acquisition and we will be asking them to share their experiences 'good and bad'.



How do you recruit good young talent into your business ? How do young people use the internet and social media to search out potential employees and the ideal job ? This session entitled 'Millennials' search for Employment' will aim to guide member companies through the minefield of online platforms and advise them on which platforms to use and how best to attract the strong candidates. 



Following on from the morning's Health & Safety Forum - Our retained Health & Safety specialists) will (with the help of delegates from the forum) give Conference an understanding of the topics covered in the morning session, some of the reoccurring issues/risks that were discussed and the potential solutions/remedies advocated. He will also be making an offer to all SPA members that should ensure we all run safer plants in the future.

We are delighted to confirm Fujifilm will be presenting a Supplier Spotlight - The future with Fujifilm - an update on the latest Onset X Series with Fujifilm and a look ahead to the changes afoot.

Our second Supplier Spotlight will be presented by Chris Reynolds, Sales Manager of Avanti Conveyors - The Robots are coming. Avanti will explain how robots can increase productivity, reduce manual labour costs and optimise your workflow.



Neil Osment from NOA Prism will be presenting his UK Corrugated Industry Review. How is the Corrugated Industry fairing in this period of political and economic uncertainty ? What Corrugated products are seeing increased demand and what are the predictions for the year ahead.


Steve Gabell from RH Fibreboard will be sharing with Conference how to deliver Trees Into Cartons Cartons Into Trees TICCIT (pronounced tick-it) into schools... Steve is a TICCIT Ambassador and will explain what to say/do and what resources are available to aid you in delivering the programme to your local schools.  The TICCIT programme involves teaching school children about trees, recycling and paper, then assisting each of them with planting a tree sapling inside a cardboard box, which they then plant out at home. The current programme is aimed primarily at kids between the ages of 8 and 11.

The programme (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) was launched by the Paperboard Packaging Council in America and has proved to be a great success, with over 100,000 children taking part in the programme to date. Following a trial run of the programme in the UK and the Netherlands, the TICCIT programme has now launched Europe-wide.

The success of the TICCIT programme – and the benefit to your organisation – relies on member companies taking ownership of the programme by partnering with their local schools. We recommend that you appoint a TICCIT ambassador from your company who can take ownership of the programme for you.



Your Committee believe strongly that now is the time to encourage youth to our Conferences to help develop them into the Business Leaders of the future ! With this in mind we are encouraging all members to 'Bring a Junior Colleague to Conference'...
Conference 'first timers' can find the prospect quite daunting, so we are going to make the experience welcoming, informal and friendly for newcomers. Your 'first timer' colleagues will be made to feel most welcome as we will be running a 'First Timers Reception' before Conference where they can meet the Committee and other 'first timers'. We will chat about the format of the day, how to get the best out of Conference and we will assign each first timer a 'buddy' so they have a friendly 'go to person' at anytime during the day.


Dinner will be a less formal occasion than normal - buffet style so that we all move about and meet our new attendees. There will also be a Cocktail Making Masterclass that young and old will enjoy (each delegate will make and consume their favourite cocktail)
Your younger colleague will be in very good company as there will be dozens of 'first timers' at Conference and we will make the experience relaxed, non threatening and an experience they will be keen to repeat - helping to nurture and secure the future of your Business and that of the SPA.



Please book your places in plenty of time to avoid disappointment  - as places will be limited and on a 'first come - first served' basis.

Book your places today by clicking on 'Click here to register' link below or confirm your attendance or phone the SPA Office on 01509 890009 or email




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Belfry Hotel and Resort, Lichfield Rd, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham  B76 9PR

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