Avanti Conveyors Sponsors SPA 104th Conference

5th September 2022

Avanti Conveyors is a UK-based company, specialising in manufacturing, installing, and supporting materials handling systems in corrugated packaging plants. Everyone has felt the squeeze on resources and machinery and we work with our customers to get the full benefit from their existing assets. Using simulation software and years of experience we can identify the bottlenecks in your workflow and suggest how best to optimise your plant.

Our innovation and drive have put us at the forefront of the industry for over 30 years. Supplying high-quality precision equipment, state-of-the-art software, and intuitive control systems, we have developed a reputation for technical excellence in our field of expertise. We provide our customers with efficient, reliable, and customised solutions that deliver operational excellence while meeting all of today’s health and safety standards.

We can maximise your return on investment by optimising work in progress, improving conversion machine outputs, and maximising flow of your finished goods. All being done while you are delighting your customers by meeting their lead time expectations.

We provide a wide range of solutions designed to deliver long-term improvements to your company’s efficiency including:

Pegasus Separator Palletiser System – this is designed to be installed behind your die cutters and performs all separation functions and layer formation by simultaneously handling several bundles. It handles your products carefully, maintaining their flute integrity, while still providing the highest level of productivity.

AutoFeed Robotic Prefeeder – this innovative system can be used on your rotary and flatbed die cutters, flexo folder gluers and more specifically, will allow you to increase productivity and reduce your manual labour costs. The AutoFeed has the ability to feed a variety of material from micro flute to triple wall.

AutoStak Palletising System – this will increase your host machine output as well as your stack consistency to your customer. In addition, the AutoStak will eliminate manual labour and decrease operator fatigue and injuries.

ASRS solutions for WIP and Finished Goods Storage – to gain more storage with greater access to different stacks of board to help production flexibility.

iMPRESS OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) INSITE - this integrates with materials handling equipment to give you detailed performance information. This information can be used to identify any bottlenecks or weaknesses in the production flow and therefore improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Avatar, the digital twin of the Avanti Conveyors Pegasus separator and palletiser – a digital mimic of every action of the separator and palletiser has been created. The PLC code emulates all of the actions on Pegasus and can calculate the performance of the line. Line performance can also be emulated prior to installation, which results in faster start-up times.

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