Calling All Suppliers

10th April 2013

Attention - Supplier Members
It was agreed at the AGM on the 26th February that a new post should be created on the Executive Committee.
The position is 'without portfolio' but candidates must be willing to attend at least 3 committee Meetings a year and will be able to observe first-hand how the Association is run, whilst having an input in the scope and direction of the Sheet Plant Association.
Candidates can self nominate, but must be fully paid up Supplier Members. Nominations must be received by 5.00pm on Friday 26th April.
We have received 3 nominations to date, but in the interest of fairness and democracy this note is notice to all Suppliers that you still have time to nominate yourself.
All members of the Executive Committee will vote and their decision will result in a formal offer to the successful candidate to join the Committee.

Tim Gray