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3rd December 2021



The ENCORRA is a completely new sort of corrugator, and one with impressively ‘green’ credentials. The idea for its creation began a decade ago, and has been an ongoing project, recently completed with the help of a grant from Innovate UK. It is now in production in our factory at Ross-on-Wye.

Vast quantities of standard board can obviously be bought at competitive prices, whereas smaller amounts and specialist boards are charged at a premium. Encorra’s machine has been designed for individual customers - independent sheet converters and box makers - giving them the freedom and flexibility to produce short runs and bespoke orders in house, whenever required.

The brainchild of Martin McKenna, the Encorra corrugator differs from a conventional machine in numerous ways, offering the user many advantages:

  • Gives sheet plants and box makers the freedom to produce bespoke short run packaging, in-house and on-demand
  • Produces corrugated board directly from rolls of paper
  • Very compact, at 1.5m wide, and 10m long, making it easy to incorporate into existing production lines
  • With the addition of a rotary die cutter and box maker, short runs are made straightforward and cost effective
  • Simple to use: can be operated by one person after only a day’s training
  • Only minimal operator interaction is needed, via a user-friendly touch screen
  • The virtually instant stop-start mechanism means no wastage while the machine is starting up and stopping
  • Produces board that is lighter and stronger, while using less raw material: board can be made using lighter gauges of paper and still maintain its strength – for example, a 100gsm top liner, with 70gsm fluting and 100gsm bottom liner will result in really rigid but featherlight board
  • Users only need to store reels of paper instead of bulky board, freeing up valuable storage space
  • Can produce board directly from paper with specialist coatings (anti-slip, waterproof, metallised) without the need for additional processing
  • Installed at the point of use, it eliminates a whole link of the supply chain, saving road miles and emissions, and the delays often associated with buying in board
  • No water or steam is used in the process, so generates no polluting effluents
  • Uses approximately 70% less energy to manufacture board than a conventional corrugator
  • A fraction the size of a conventional machine, it costs a fraction of the price, with a very rapid ROI


Corrugated board is the ultimate environmentally friendly packaging material; adopting the ENCORRA machine could go a long way towards eliminating the CO2 emissions produced in the manufacture of corrugated board, having the potential to take it to net zero. Truly a disruptive and decentralising technology, we believe our machine can radically change the industry: sustainability is no longer an optional add-on, but an essential part of future business planning for all industries.


We would love to show you the whole machine ….. do get in touch!

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