Happy New Year - see you next week !!!!

5th January 2015

Happy New Year everyone... I hope 2015 is a good year for you all... You can get the year off to a great start by attending the the SPA 86th Conference next MONDAY.

There is just a week to go until the SPA 86th Conference at the Forest Of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club near Birmingham. IT'S TIME TO BOOK - NOW

We are delighted to confirm that Grant Leboff, one of the UK's best known eMarketing experts will be presenting at the forthcoming SPA Conference on 12th January

The session will be entitled - eMarketing for Box Makers...

This session is a 'must see' for Managing Directors and Sales Directors who don't want to be left behind in this social media age.....  

Grant will cover the following -

Why eMarketing ? Why bother?

How effective can Social media and other channels be in a B2B environment ?

What can be reasonably achieved ?

How to get started and set a budget.

And most importantly -  how to measure results/returns.

We are delighted that Grant Leboff has confirmed his attendance and his desire to work with the Sheet Plant Association. His presentation will be very much an Introduction to eMarketing and the use of Social Media; but Grant has agreed to create an SPA eMarketing Masterclass that will be scheduled for early Spring.

It is anticipated that this Masterclass will be very popular and potentially oversubscribed - so it is recommended that you attend on January 12th to register your interest in attending the Masterclass. Masterclass places will be allocated on a 'first come first served' basis and priority will be given to those who express an interest in attending at the 86th Conference on 12th January.

It is also important that you bring your box designer(s) to the forthcoming Conference on 12th January. We will be giving instructions on installation and use of the new SPA Board Grade Calculator Application.

There will be technical advice from the programmer and we will be explaining how to tailor the Application to your own operation using Board & Box Testing.


Don't get left behind, don't just try and match existing board grades - suggest a cheaper alternative that WILL perform.

In addition to this the Agenda is packed with 'relevant' content -

Chairman’s Welcome
Economic & Industry Updates
Board Grade Calculator Application - Update
Board Grade & Box Testing
Employment Law Update
H & S Update
FSC Presentation
Abaca’s CRM system to incorporate HR events
Embedding the Sales Managers Master Class philosophy at Plant level
An Introduction to E-Marketing
Preview of 2015 Trade Show

Book your Conference places today.... Click on 'SPA 86th Conference' in the Upcoming Events section of the SPA website and confirm your attendanceor phone the SPA Office on 01563 570518