Keynote Speaker Confirmed for next week's SPA Online Conference

24th April 2021

Callum Williams, senior economics writer at The Economist, will be presenting at SPA 3rd online Conference on Monday 26th April.

Callum will be giving some insight into how the UK economy has fared during Covid and what the road map to recovery looks like - which sectors will struggle, those that are buoyant, what the balance of trade might look like, unemployment, inflation, interest rates etc... and how long it will take and what the landscape will look like for recovery.


Callum Williams joined The Economist in 2014 and covers global economic trends including the labour market, political economy and housing. He has been interviewed by the BBC World Service, Sky News and Al Jazeera, among others. He is the author of “The Classical School” (Profile/Public Affairs, 2020), a book about the history of economic thought. Callum studied at Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard, where he was supervised by Amartya Sen. In the past year Callum has reported on the economic impact of covid, and speaks on topics from the potential for higher inflation after the pandemic to what it means for the future of work. Other topics he speaks on include: - economics of WFH - what the post-lockdown economy will look and feel like - what "building back better" might mean in practice - particular focus on the US economy, how quickly it will bounce back - housing markets and cities

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