Next SPA Conference - Just under 4 weeks to go....

18th August 2014

Just under 4 weeks to go.... Time to book !

Sheet Plant Association 85th Conference at The Belfry on Monday 15th September - with 100% relevant content.

The Belfry

The venue is the 'fantastic' Belfry and the SPA will be hosting it's inaugural Annual Golf Competition on the morning following the Conference. This will be heavily subsidised by the SPA - the full cost of entering the Competition and playing the PGA Course is just £40  (with prizes and a cup for the winner). Any SPA member wishing to take part should contact Allan or Julie (or book online from the Event).

The Conference will be of special interest if you are wishing to join the SPA ISO14001 (Environmental) Group Scheme. Rather than pay upwards of £5000 to become accreditated - join the SPA scheme for less than £1000 and get a 'fast track' to ISO14001.

Also those Sheet Plants who would like to have access to the SPA Board Grade Calculator programme should be there - this is our major new initiative that will calculate the board grade you require having input details of the box you are specifying.

We will also be releasing a major upgrade to the SPA Abaca Dashboard. Version 3 will be previewed and installation priority will be given to Conference attendees who are there for the preview. 

Stuart Lotherington's colleague George Constantopoulos from SBR Consulting will be previewing the content of their Sales Managers' Masterclass. This Masterclass will be free to all members and will cover -

  • Types of salespeople (understanding what makes them tick)
  • Managing/motivating them in the right way/style
  • What controls/measures to put in place and how to review them

There will be a final opportunity for companies to enroll on the SPA R&D Tax Credits scheme. Nearly £2million of Tax Credits have been achieved for SPA members so far.

The full Conference Agenda will include -

  • KPMG report on Macro Economic Outlook
  • Market Update for the Corrugated Industry
  • Supplier Member Spotlight
  • SPA Abaca Dashboard - major update
  • R&D Tax Credits - Update
  • SPA ISO14001 Group Scheme
  • Employment Law Update
  • SBR Sales Managers' Masterclass - Preview
  • SPA Board Grade Calculator - major new initiative
  • Full details of UK Corrugated Industry Trade Show - hosted by the SPA

***** The last Conference at the Belfry was a 'sell out' 4 weeks before the Conference date - so please BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment ******