SPA Board Grade Calculator Programme

23rd September 2014

The SPA Board Grade Calculator is an excel based application that in simple terms will calculate the board grade you require having input details of the box you are specifying.


The application has several functions the first of which will calculate a theoretical BCT value having input the L x W x H of an 0201 RSC together and a choice of board grade.


The caculator uses the simplified McKee's Formula together with the ECT and caliper values for the grades your sheet feeder(s) supply. Add to this the number of boxes per layer, number of layers on a pallet, type of stacking and some environmental factors and the application will suggest board grades that will do the job - ranging from the optimised grade to stronger grades with a performance factor (i.e. how much more performance one grade will achieve over another)


This application has been extensively tested and is now available for release.... 

Any Sheet Plant wanting to run the SPA Board Grade Calculator Programme should email confirming your wish to receive the application (with installation and set up instructions). You are also asked to confirm the name and email address of the designer or person within your organisation who will be running the application and responsible for it's set up and configuration.

On receipt of this information - you will receive an email containing the excel file, simple instructions and a Help Line phone number should you need assistance in configuring the application for use.

Any questions or queries - or phone Tim on 01939 260342