BRC Hygiene Accreditation

A quick and easy to install Quality & Hygiene System that will take you up to Audit for BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packing Materials 'Grade A'. A low cost solution designed specifically for SPA sheet plants

  • Stage 1: To assess and determine current hygiene status.
  • Stage 2: On site management/employee hygiene awareness training.
  • Stage 3: To undertake on site management team HACCAP training.
  • Stage 4: Hygiene Management System documents & system development.
  • Stage 5: Undertake on site Management System Auditor Hygiene training/
  • Stage 6: To carry out a pre-assessment & management review.

6 Stages (5 Days)
Cost: £3,175

Cost: £850

Registration Renewal
Cost: £600

How do I get started?


  • Name: Tim Gray
  • Company: SPA Chairman
  • Phone: 01939 260342
  • Email: