SPA Sales Managers' Masterclasses

A series of 4 hour workbook based Masterclasses devised and delivered by Stuart Lotherington, SBR Consulting. These sessions have been designed to give you the tools/skills to manage your Sales effort more effectively and motivate/drive your Team to success. Specifically devised for the Sheet Plant Association.

  • Classroom/workshop style.
  • Workbook based – so easy to install back at base.
  • Cutting edge ‘best practice’ initiatives in Sales Management.
  • Conveniently ‘bolted on’ to SPA Conference (9am-1pm).
  • Reassuringly expensive training delivered to members at no cost.

Cost: £0

How do I get started?

  • Contact: Tim Gray
  • Company: SPA Chairman
  • Phone: 01939 260342
  • Email: