SPA Sales Managers' Masterclasses

February 2021:

SBR Consulting are now retained by the SPA to support the Association and its members.  The Sales Training Initiative will be updated shortly.  Details of Online Sales Training Events for SPA Members only can be found in the Events area of this website


October 2020:

SBR Consulting have shared the following "golden nuggets" with SPA members.  The Webinar and Blog links will benefit your salesforce with tips and techniques for reinforcing what they try to achieve in a face to face meeting, but from behind a computer screen:

  1. Webinar: “Adapting Your Selling Style For The Virtual World” - Tips and techniques for reinforcing what you try to achieve in a face to face meeting, but from behind a computer screen.
  2. Blog: “How you can keep your team selling during lockdown” 
  3. Blog: “Elevating Remote Sales”

SBR have plenty of events, blogs, white papers and webinars that are available to their community, updated monthly.


SBR Consulting have traditionally delivered workbook-based Masterclasses to SPA Members.  These sessions are aimed specifically at the corrugated converter industry and designed to give you the tools/skills to manage your Sales effort more effectively and to motivate/drive your Team to success:

  • Classroom/workshop style.
  • Workbook based – so easy to install back at base.
  • Cutting edge ‘best practice’ initiatives in Sales Management.
  • Conveniently ‘bolted on’ to SPA Conference
  • Reassuringly expensive training delivered to members at no cost.

Cost: £0

How do I get started?

  • Contact: Tim Gray
  • Company: SPA Chairman
  • Phone: 01939 260342
  • Email: