How often does the SPA have Conferences?
3 a year - usually February, July and November.
Where are these Conferences held?
Centrally in the UK with easy access from the motorway network and close to a major airport.
Who issues the Five Star Accreditation ?
Five Star Accreditation is an initiative of the UK Sheet Plant Association and is a standard recognised by the UK Packaging Industry, and by the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC) in the USA and the Federation Du Cartonage in France. The Standard is now administered by the National Packaging Council.
Who can qualify for this award?
Any sheet plant in the UK can apply for membership of the Sheet Plant Association and for accreditation under the Five Star Standard.
How do I become accredited ?
Accreditation is by external, third party audit during which you demonstrate that you have satisfied the indicators of the Five Star Standard.
What are the benefits of being Five Star Accredited ?
Five Star accredited sheet plants differentiate themselves from other non accredited suppliers of corrugated packaging.

You have exclusive use of the NPC Five Star emblem on stationery, promotional materials, vehicles etc.

You are included in the ‘Five Star Accredited’ section of the SPA website and NPC & SPA membership list.

Identifies potential quality partners for involvement in FirstPak projects.

Enables negotiation of reduced insurance premiums by demonstrating best practice in Health and Safety under the standard.

The largest benefit is to your business, as these are all excellent disciplines that a modern best practice company should be adopting anyway.
How do I find out more?
Click on the blue Contact Us button above and complete the form... we aim to reply to your request for information within 24hours.
Will I be the only new member?
No, at each Conference we hold a 'Newcomers Reception' where first timers can meet the Committee and have some drinks and a chat before the Conference begins. There are typically 10-20 newcomers at each Conference. So don't be shy!
What is the Conference format ?
Conferences run from Monday lunchtime and delegates depart after breakfast on the Tuesday morning. Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation and Breakfast are included in the Conference cost.
How do I get started ?
Contact Allan Glen at the SPA office in Kilmarnock and complete an application form:-

UK Sheet Plant Association
24 Grange Street
Kilmarnock Ayrshire
Tel - 01563 570 518
Fax - 01563 572 728
Email - office@sheetplantuk.com
What is the Conference Cost?
The cost is between £210-£250 per delegate including all Conference materials, accommodation and food.
Who goes to Conference?
Any SPA member (whether a Converter Member or Supplier Member) and any guest or sheet plant who wishes to 'try before they buy' full membership.
What is Five Star Accreditation?
Five Star Accreditation is a best practice initiative where Sheet Plants are audited to ensure they embrace high ethical standards, strive for best practice, take pride in the Sheet Plant sector, engender trust and co-operation between Sheet Plants and support continuous improvement.Audited Sheet Plants will need to demonstrate they apply these principles even handedly across five key areas -

Customer Relations
Employee Relations
Health & Safety / Environment
Quality / Hygiene
Supplier Relations
How do I get the most out of the SPA?
Become a member, attend Conference and reap the rewards.
How many Members are there in the Sheet Plant Association?
Over 100 members in total, representing over 70 sheet plants with a combined sales turnover in excess of £300 million.
How long has the Sheet Plant Association been around?
Since the mid 80's and during that time has hosted over 80 Conferences.