SPA Initiatives

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Employment Law & Human Resources

Ring of Defence! All SPA members benefit from bespoke Employment Law and HR service. Menzies Law are a specialist firm of Employment Lawyers. Luke...

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Health & Safety Audit

Ring of Defence! SPA members have access to the Health & Safety Audit Initiative via a number of delivery channels. The service is delivered by SPA...

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Contract Law

Ring of Defence! Up-To-Date Terms & Conditions of Sale, plus additional contracts for longer (1-2 year periods). Supported by a free Contract Law...

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SPA Sales Masterclasses

SBR Consulting are retained by the SPA to support the Association and its members with Sales Training. SBR are Sales experts who have worked with 650...

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BRCGS Packaging Standard

As a member of the UK Sheet Plant Association, you have FREE access to our retained practitioner. In addition to BRCGS Hotline Support, members may...


R&D Tax Credit Scheme

Are you missing out on vital growth-fuel for your business? As the print and packaging industry continues to face ongoing challenges in the form of...

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FSC® Certification

Through an SPA associate member, the SPA can now offer access to a rapid and 'practicable, easy to install' FSC Chain of Custody system, allowing you...

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SPA Abaca Dashboard

Graphical representation of KPI’s and control data, acting like a dashboard for your business. Highlighting - below target, on target and above target...

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SPA Board Grade Calculator Application

This newly developed Excel-based application can be utilised to determine the Box Compression of a given box and potential commercial implications or...

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SPA Lean Manufacturing Health Check

A Health Check prior to embarking on a Lean Manufacturing Programme. This 1-day initial assessment looks at the following within your plant: Operating...

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SPA Five Star Accreditation (under review)

The Five Star Accreditation Initiative is currently under review.