Benefits of joining the Sheet Plant Association

The Sheet Plant Association exists for the benefit of its member companies and their employees.

What you miss if you don’t join …

  • Network with other Sheet Plant professionals at regular Members’ Meetings, with highly focused, value-adding agendas aimed specifically at the Sheet Plant sector of the corrugated packaging industry.
  • Share experiences and opinions on issues involved in running a Sheet Plant in open forum ‘Members Sessions’ at each meeting, as well as one to one with delegates during social time.
  • Keep up to date with industry news and events through the fortnightly publication titled ‘Board Converting News’ and annual ‘Who’s Who in Corrugated’, both included free in the SPA membership package.
  • Benchmark key aspects of your Sheet Plant’s operation to measure how well it is doing in comparison to the ‘best in breed’, and thus identify specific areas for improvement.
  • Obtain Sheet Plant specific training for craft skills and for personal development at hands on SPA training courses held in Members’ plants.
  • Access professional advice on legal, personnel and Health and Safety matters via the SPA free telephone helpline.
  • Join with like-minded Sheet Plant professionals so that your voice and your opinions are heard by government and by those who legislate for our industry.
  • Co-operate with other similar Associations, including AICC in the USA and Federation du cartonnage in France, for the long term benefit of the corrugated packaging industry.