FSC® Certification

Through an SPA associate member, the SPA can now offer access to a rapid and 'practicable, easy to install' FSC Chain of Custody system, allowing you to supply FSC packaging to your customers and promote your business as FSC certified.

The service consists of Print and Media Certification's sector-specific FSC procedures manual together with specific training either on-site or remotely. There is also advice and ongoing support as an optional service.

External assessment and FSC certification by Control Union UK Ltd.

This low-cost solution has been designed specifically for SPA sheet plant members.

  • Designed specifically for SPA sheet plants.
  • Straightforward and easy to operate.
  • Compatible with any business information management / CRM system.
  • Takes you right up to an FSC audit and certification.
  • A unique ongoing support package with unlimited email, tel, Zoom contact.
  • Advice on FSC logo use.

System Cost: £1,300
Audit Cost and Certication Cost: £1200
Annual Support Cost: £600 (optional)

This replaces the previous service and should offer savings on your current or planned FSC certification.

How do I get started?