FSC® Certification

A quick and 'easy to install' FSC Certification system, allowing you to supply FSC packaging to your customers. A low cost solution designed specifically for SPA sheet plants.

  • Designed specifically for SPA sheet plants.
  • Straight forward and easy to operate.
  • Compatible with any business/CRM system.
  • Takes you right up to FSC Audit and certification.
  • A unique ongoing support package with unlimited email, tel, zoom contact
  • Advice on use of FSC logo

System Cost: £1,300
Audit & Certication Cost: £1200
Annual Support Cost: £600 (optional)

How do I get started?


  • Name: Tim Gray
  • Company: SPA Chairman
  • Phone: 01939 260342
  • Email: tim@dairi-pak.co.uk