R&D Tax Credit Scheme

Scheme designed to identify and ultimately maximise any potential R&D Tax Credit claim. The process is simple and is undertaken by R&D Tax specialists who understand the Packaging Industry.  R&D can potentially be found in product design, process improvements and software development.

  • Quick & Easy.
  • Maximises your R&D Tax Credit Claim with minimal impact on your business.
  • Undertaken successfully by 45+ SPA members (Nov ’19).
  • Over £3,000,000 of Tax credits obtained for SPA members.
  • One ‘without obligation’ meeting to start process.

Cost: £0
Commission - 20% of Claim negotiable

How do I get started?


  • Name: Dan Handforth
  • Company: Kene Partners
  • Phone: +44 2071 188833
  • Mobile: +44 7826 520461
  • Email: dan@kene.partners