R&D Tax Credit Scheme

Are you missing out on vital growth-fuel for your business?

As the print and packaging industry continues to face ongoing challenges in the form of new trends, legislation changes and the demand for green alternatives, R&D has a big role to play. However, most SPA members are not aware that projects they undertake daily qualify as R&D and are eligible for R&D tax credits.

The generous benefit from HMRC helps support businesses who are creating new products, processes, knowledge, or services (or developing existing ones), likely through non-routine adaptions or problem-solving. And, what’s more: you can still claim the credits even if a project was ultimately unsuccessful.

Kene Partners helps SPA members benefit from the scheme

As a team of expert R&D incentive advisors, they have facilitated successful claims with over 45 SPA members. They deliver value by deploying a team who can understand the technicalities of your innovation, and accurately capture and quantify all the relevant costs and expenditure in line with the governing legislation.

S Lester and Absolute Engineering who recently completed an R&D tax claim with Kene Partners, comment: 

“Kene Partners have been managing our claims for some years now, our growing confidence in the scheme has motivated us to embrace uncertainty to achieve new packaging processes that have reduced time, material and labour inputs. We have also attempted ambitious projects to dramatically reduce singl- use plastic and other non-environmentally friendly materials. As a result of the R&D benefits accumulated, we have been able to invest over £3m in machinery, taking us beyond more routine R&D claims and into R&D capital allowances.

Reiss Newport – Head of Finance, S Lester

“In working with Kene Partners we managed to more than double our benefit, recently securing over £300,000. I was amazed at how much of our work was eligible, it’s a great credit to the technical knowledge of their team that they uncovered so much. What was particularly impressive is that this was done via a remote technical workshop that caused no additional disruption to our business.

Antony Whiteside – Managing Director, Absolute Engineering

How to Claim

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Other Funding Options available to SPA members

To determine your eligibility for R&D tax credits as well as three other government funding schemes, you can take TAKE THIS SHORT TEST.  It takes 5 minutes and at the end, you’ll receive a personalised report.

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