SPA Board Grade Calculator Application

This newly developed Excel-based application can be utilised to determine the Box Compression of a given box and potential commercial implications or opportunities.  You will be able to calculate the theoretical BCT of any '02' style case using the ECT values for the grade of board.  Also:

  • Compare performance of differing board grades and discover the optimum.
  • Determine the estimated BCT of the box for any board grade.
  • Gauge performance by grade.
  • Optimise performance vs cost.
  • Enter the World of performance-based packaging.
  • Account for ‘environmental factors’ eg. Moisture levels, stacking, printed/die-cut etc.
  • Fine tune your Application with ‘actual’ ECT data from your Sheetfeeder.
  • Use as a valuable tool for Value Engineering projects.


The new Excel-based application builds upon the previous incarnation of the tool through:

  • Adding material cost into the mix to give the commercial slant.
  • Built-in Palletisation Tool for FG pallets.
  • Delivering an Output sheet ready for PDF export with options for external / internal use.


Cost:           £0

How do I get started?


  • Name:  Tim Gray
  • Company:  SPA Chairman
  • Phone:  01939 260342
  • Email: