SPA Lean Manufacturing Health Check

A Health Check prior to embarking on a Lean Manufacturing Programme.

This 1-day initial assessment looks at the following within your plant:

  • Operating Systems
  • Management Infrastructure
  • Mindsets and Behaviours (Culture)

The day finishes with a session on recommendations as to where and how your plant can improve.

A full Lean Manufacturing Programme takes a company (and their production staff) from zero knowledge of Lean Manufacturing Principles to gaining benefits quickly, with minimum disruption.

Health Check - 1 Day

Cost: £0

(The SPA will reimburse the cost of your Lean Manufacturing Health Check day with Acumen Consulting if you subsequently embark on the Lean Manufacturing Programme with Acumen Consulting)

How do I get started?

Contact Name:  Alan Millar

Company:  Acumen Consulting

Mobile:  07765 001297