SPA Sales Masterclasses

SBR Consulting are retained by the SPA to support the Association and its members with Sales Training.  SBR are Sales experts who have worked with 650 companies and trained over 75,000 delegates.

SBR Consulting have traditionally delivered workbook-based Masterclasses to SPA Members.  These sessions are aimed specifically at the corrugated converter industry and designed to give you the tools/skills to manage your Sales effort more effectively and to motivate/drive your Team to success:

  • Classroom/workshop style.
  • Workbook based – so easy to install back at base.
  • Cutting edge ‘best practice’ initiatives in Sales Management.
  • Conveniently ‘bolted on’ to SPA Conference
  • Reassuringly expensive training delivered to members at no cost.


Since 2020, SBR have held SPA member sales training on specific topics that are aimed at helping our members and their client-facing sales teams to increase their sales effectiveness, especially during lockdown and beyond.  Some of the topics covered have been:

SBR regularly update their events, blogs, white papers and webinars and these are available to SPA members HERE.


How can SBR further support my business in improving sales effectiveness?

In addition to the SBR online content and the SPA funded Sales Training, SPA members also have access to a SBR Sales Training Helpline which provides a 25-30 minute Sales Consultation FOC. Currently, you can email and ensure that you include "SPA Member" in the title.  Additional ongoing support from SBR is available, it will be for you to discuss the specific programme, outputs and investment required.


Cost: £0

How do I get started?

  • Contact: Emile Hall
  • Company: SBR Consulting
  • Email: