BSIF Webinar: Purchasing PPE – Is It Genuine?  

6th May 2020

The SPA has been asked by Andy Barnetson, Director of Packaging Affairs for Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) to circulate this advice to Members, encouraging them to follow the link and watch the webinar.  CPI contacts at HSE have indicated that they are taking this very seriously and will investigate companies that are providing PPE that is not suitable or approved, and which may not be safe to use:

"Given the current pandemic situation, and with PPE in high demand but with limited supplies available, it is understandable that companies are looking to ‘alternative’ suppliers to ensure that employees are protected.  However as more and more suppliers flood the market with their products, it can be difficult to establish whether or not the products that Companies are supplying or purchasing are compliant with EU regulations and are safe to use.

Andy Braund is following this closely and has advised CPI Members of an excellent BSIF Webinar Purchasing PPE – Is It Genuine? The Webinar lasts around 30 minutes and explains the key things to look for to help you identify suspect CE certificates / products and documents when purchasing or supplying PPE.  The Webinar is available to listen to again at"