Chairman calls on all members to support SPA...

20th August 2014

Tim Gray, Chairman of the Sheet Plant Association, is calling on all members of the SPA to "Support the Association by attending the forthcoming Conference at the Belfry on 15th September..." he explains "... we are only able to deliver great content and launch new initiatives if the SPA is well supported."

He confirms, "The number of members attending Conference is critical to the momentum the SPA carries forward and the income it receives. Without strong attendance the SPA does not have the funds or indeed the confidence to undertake new 'relevant' initiatives designed to help member companies 'save', 'increase' and 'improve'." 

"I call on all members to support the SPA by booking their place on the 85th Conference at the Belfry. If you can't go - send a colleague in your place. So much effort has gone into the content of this Conference that poor attendance would be a real shame. Not only does the member miss the direct benefits of attending, but the Association may have to look at down-scaling future Conferences and reducing the time, effort and money invested in hosting these and other events."

In recent years the SPA has doubled its number of members and has worked tirelessly to attract new Sheet Plants into the fold. Indeed in an effort to attract more UK sheet plants to come and see first hand the benefits of the SPA a promotional video has been sent to every sheet plant in the UK.

So the message from Mr Gray is - continue to support the SPA, your Industry sector and together we will become excellent businesses.  

To book your place(s) at Conference either phone the SPA Office on 01563 570518 or email Alternatively click the Event link below and book your place using the website.