Digital Marketing Masterclass - with Grant Leboff

7th May 2015

Limited number of places - book now to avoid missing out....

This Masterclass runs on the morning of the SPA 88th Conference at Stratford Upon Avon.


Digital Marketing Masterclass - 22nd June 2015 9.00am

Grant Leboff

Following on from Grant's enthralling introduction to eMarketing's for Boxmakers at Conference in January (and by popular demand) we have constructed a Masterclass that will give businesses all the tools they need to create an eMarketing Strategy, set a budget, identify which channels should be used and measure the effectiveness of the eMarketing activity. The Masterclass will be 'workbook' based, so delegates will leave with 'detailed guidelines' from which to work when back at the factory.

Grant will be answering the following questions - 

• How can a business justify time and effort spent on digital marketing when it cannot see the return on investment ?

• Without the correct metrics to measure and manage the effectiveness of digital marketing how can any spend be justified ?

If you feel you are weak in eMarketing or you don't do any eMarketing at all - then don't miss out on the opportunity to get right upto speed by attending this Masterclass which is 'free of charge' to any Conference delegate.

While businesses struggle with these questions, digital is becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives and consequently too important for companies to ignore. It has become a major provider of information for a majority of the population of the UK. Whether it is current affairs, what TV shows are currently hot or looking for advice about new products and services, an increasing amount of individuals are relying on digital media as a source of knowledge.

In this Masterclass, Grant Leboff will unlock the world of digital marketing. He explains exactly why companies need to embrace digital. Leboff then goes on to provide businesses with the strategic thinking they need to employ in order to make digital marketing work effectively. Together with useful tactics, and an understanding of the different platforms available, participants will feel empowered in how they can utilise digital marketing and get a return on investment for their organisations.

In detail the Masterclass will explore:

• why digital has become vital for every organisation
• the business rules that need to be utilised to make digital marketing work
• how to develop a ‘tone of voice’ online that will capture your target market’s imagination
• the metrics for how to measure your activities effectively
• the strategic thinking required in order to make digital a powerful channel
• the different platforms companies should consider
• how to implement a digital marketing strategy
• the role of content in digital marketing
• tactics to get noticed and not disappear with the other ‘noise’
• the role of your website

Digital Marketing is a topic that businesses cannot ignore.

This session will provide attendees a good understanding of the requirements necessary in order to make effective use of this powerful channel.


Grant Leboff is one of the U.K's leading Sales and Marketing experts.

His latest book, ‘Stickier Marketing’ went straight to #1 in the Amazon Sales & Marketing Chart, and was in the top 10 overall Business Chart, on publication, in February 2014. It provides companies with the new principles of marketing so they can thrive in a digital world.

This follows the success of Leboff’s two other titles ‘Sales Therapy’ and ‘Sticky Marketing’ both of which were in Amazon’s top 10 Business Books, and #1 in the Sales & Marketing bestsellers chart.

A thought leader in his field, Leboff's main focus is to address the massive changes that are taking place in a world that is constantly being introduced to new technologies and an evolving World Wide Web. He continually challenges Sales & Marketing conventions that become accepted wisdom, but don’t necessarily deliver results.

Having built a successful direct marketing company, which he started in 2002, Leboff sold it in 2008. As well as working as a Non Executive Director, he now has a number of business interests.

Sticky Marketing Club® Ltd., is a strategic consultancy providing companies with Sales & Marketing strategies to thrive in a digital world.

The Sticky Communication Agency Ltd., creates and distributes content, and manages its clients’ social media presence, to ensure their digital marketing is implemented successfully.

Leboff’s Sales and Marketing portal, produces a wealth of resources and information on effective Sales and Marketing for business in an ever changing busi-ness  environment.

He is a highly sought after consultant and speaker, and constantly makes presentations at conferences and events all over the world.

Leboff is a Fellow of both The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, as well as being a regular contributor to many busi-ness magazines and newspapers.  Amongst others, he has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror and The Sun, and has appeared on BBC Radio on numerous occasions.