Having trouble with your Sales Effort?

16th May 2014

Having Trouble with your Sales Effort or certain Sales People ? ....

Come and listen to the truly inspirational Stuart Lotherington, Senior Partner at SBR Consulting at the SPA 84th Conference on June 23rd

Stuart will be answering the question - "Are Salespeople born or can they be made ?"

Stuart's profile -


Everyone seems to be able to reflect on a bad sales experience. I see my job as helping people understand the difference between that and professional selling and as it’s a process everyone can learn how to do.

I make sure that you or your clients don’t cringe at the thought of a sales interaction. By de-mystifying business development and working with clients we work out the appropriate process and method that is suitable for your audience. There are plenty of books that tell you to sell this way or that and this method is better than that one. Well it depends!

Sales is not a black art and the numerous years of experience as a salesman, sales leader and seven years of working as an advisor in so many different sales environments has provided me with a huge insight in what works where and when.

By providing the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ gives clarity and ‘buy in’ from CEOs to Salespeople to create the right ‘pull’ in a sales environment and understand what the appropriate ‘push’ is.

My clients say that I am engaging, energetic as well as having the ability to challenge their thinking and the fact that I still have sales targets to achieve seems to add a level of credible insight in today’s environment.

When I am not doing this or spending time with my family you may see me racing in a triathlon or running a marathon or two. Exploits in the North Pole, Sahara and the occasional Ironman sometimes adds some interesting anecdotes with my clients!

Specialties: Sales Process, Process engineering or re engineering, Sales Methodology, Sales Leadership, Motivation, Sales Psychology, Coaching, Self management & Sales Data Analysis

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