HSE Digest Newsletter: 21st February 2023

21st February 2023

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HSE Digest eBulletin 

This issue contains:

  • details on ensuring you are buying an approved version of the health and safety law poster
  • news of enforcement action, including a six-figure fine for a health board
  • links to some useful health and safety publications, which are free to download from our website

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Check that you’re not buying a fake health and safety law poster

Only HSE can approve a version of the health and safety law poster.

If you employ anyone, the law says you must display an approved version of the poster, or provide each worker with a copy of the equivalent leaflet.

You must display the poster where your workers can easily read it and you can’t print a copy yourself.  

We are aware of suppliers selling fake versions online that haven’t been approved.

The current version of the law poster includes enhanced security features and is more durable. Read our guidance on how to identify a genuine law poster.

You can order HSE approved versions of the poster.

You can buy it from other suppliers we work with, but if you have any doubts and need to check if it’s a legitimate version, please email HSEorders@tso.co.uk

Health board fined six-figures after death of patient

NHS Highland has been fined £180,000 after a patient died while being treated at a hospital.

The 78 year-old-man was brought to hospital following a suspected fall at his home and was later admitted to the surgical ward.

While in hospital, the patient suffered from three additional falls which led to bleeding on the brain. He passed away from fatal head trauma two days after his final fall.

HSE's investigation found that the necessary nursing staff to ensure the 1:1 ratio of care failed to be applied. 

Read this press release for more details on the incident.

Other recent prosecution cases include:

Health and safety guidance and information available to download

HSE offers a wide variety of publications containing advice and guidance for employers, workers and the general public.

Like all HSE publications, our health and safety guidance leaflets are available to download on HSE's website. 

You can also buy hard-copy versions of many of these titles, such as legal guides, through the HSE Books website.

Here is a selection of some of our most read publications: 

Upcoming training and events with HSE this spring

HSE delivers a wide range of innovative and relevant training courses and events, both online and in-person.

Our training courses are developed to include practical guidance around regulations. They are delivered by experts to help organisations comply with the law and keep workforces healthy and safe.

Find out more about HSE's training and events. Upcoming courses and events include: