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28th September 2015

We are delighted to be returning to the Forest of Arden Marriott for our 89th Conference.
The Conference will be packed full of 100% relevant content and will give delegates the opportunity to play golf in the SPA Open.

 Forest of Arden

The outline Agenda will include - 

An important session from Neil Osment (supported by experts in the field) - Changes in Market Demand - Digital Print. This session will investigate how the demand for digital print has grown in the past few years and where it is likely to go in the next few years and how this should be factored into capital purchase decisions for Sheet Plants.


Neil will be supported in this presentation by experts in Digital Print helping to explain the growing market for 'digital on corrugated' and it's applications. 

We are delighted to confirm Les Pickering from Quadrant5 Consulting will be our keynote speaker on the advantages of undertaking a programme of continuous improvement using Lean Manufacturing Principles.

Les Pickering

Les will be explaining some of the core principles of Lean, why you need to & how to get started and what you can hope to achieve in sensible timescales. Les has worked extensively with AICC and TAPPI members in the US and has several UK clients who have undertaken his Lean Programme.

Alan Millar

This session will be followed by Alan Millar from Acumen Consulting, who will be introducing SPA members to the SPA Lean Manufacturing Programme. This session will show members how to get started, what time and resources will be required and what results should be expected in the first months of the programme.

Chairman, Tim Gray will be running through all SPA Best Practice Initiatives - explaining what they are, how they can help your business and most importantly how to get started and what help (financial and practical) the SPA can give you. This session is designed to stimulate the adoption of best practice in the areas where member companies are weak or they have identified potential for improvement. Members will be encouraged to sign up to these initiatives on the day.National Living WageWe are delighted to confirm that Richard Cummins, MD of HR Insight Ltd. will be explaining the potential impact of the National Living Wage on our businesses and how we should address it as an Industry.



In the absence of Tom Hooper from KPMG we can confirm that his esteemed colleague Dan Aylward will be in attendance and has agreed to present their UK Macro Economic Review.

This will be followed by a Market Update for the Corrugated Industry drawing on the CBI's data and observations.

Anita & Andy

Anita Coaster will be presenting her Empoyment Law Update and Andy Ely will be highlighting risks and changes in legislation in his Health & Safety Update.   

SPA Members and Conference attendees are also invited to enter the SPA Open Golf Competition which will tee off on Tuesday morning.

In addition to the main Conference members are encouraged to attend the 'all new' Sales Managers' Masterclass presented by Stuart Lotherington from SBR Consulting. This Masterclass will be in the morning prior to Conference. Stuart's first Masterclass was fully sold out a month beforehand, so if it your intention to attend you should book immediately.


Stuart will be covering in depth -
1. Time management – how to organise and be better at it
2. Appraisals – how to do the ones that motivate and give direction
3. Pipeline – how to create greater Value, Volume & Velocity in your sales effort

Please book your places in plenty of time to avoid disappointment  - as places will be limited and on a 'first come - first served' basis.

Book your places today by clicking on 'SPA 89th Conference - 12th October 2015' link below or in the Upcoming Events section of the SPA website and confirm your attendance or phone the SPA Office on 01563 570518 or email office@sheetplantuk.com