SPA GDPR Compliance (new initiative) - GET STARTED NOW

13th March 2018

With less than 60 working days until 25th May when the GDPR enforcement becomes effective, you need to consider these essential questions:

•    Do you hold personally identifiable data which is processed regularly, such as employee records and marketing information?
•    Do you have policies detailing how this data should be managed?
•    Are you able to prove that these policies are being followed?

To help with this process, i-Comply-GDPR provides a single solution to Get Compliant and Stay Compliant.
•    GDPR Planner to work through getting compliant.
•    Data audit tasks to help review how data is collected, held and used.
•    Policy Builder, complete with pre-defined policy templates, which can be published to your team, including an up-to-date privacy policy that you can use on your website, retention policy, acceptable use policy and many more.
•    Data Asset Register, so you know what type of personal data you hold and where it is.
•    Reminders and tasks to keep you on track with your policies.
•    Ticketing system to manage everything including Subject Access Requests.
•    A full audit trail in line with Article 30 of the new regulations providing evidence that you are following your own procedures.

The system is cloud based, secure and accessible via any web browser.

For members of the Sheet Plant Association we have put together a special deal. Full details are available at:

(this is what the SPA GDPR Compliance Initiative Landing Page looks like...)