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11th August 2014

SPA Sales Managers’ Masterclass

Developed and delivered by Stuart Lotherington, SBR Consulting

Date - Monday, 29th September 2014

Venue - The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

SBR Consulting has been asked by the SPA to help you lead your Sales Teams to victory in 2014. With the World Cup and Commonwealth Games now behind us - “How are you preparing and training your Sales Team to win ?” i.e. achieve and exceed your sales aspirations.

This Masterclass follows on from our last presentation at Conference "Are Salespeople born or can they be made ?" where SBR introduced delegates to the Sales Habits Triangle and Skill Will Matrix.

Stuart Lotherington from SBR Consulting in action...

In this (5 hour) Masterclass, Stuart Lotherington from SBR will share with you how to work with your team to optimise their performance. He will be working explicitly on two key areas of your business.

Firstly, SBR will share with you what top performing individuals and high performing sales teams work on with regards their Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to determine their success.

At SBR Consulting, we believe strongly that you cannot manage what you do not (or will not) measure. Business development and “sales” is often referred to as a numbers game, however true professionals recognise that this is overly simplistic. For anyone tasked with achieving revenue it is far more important to understand the ratios between the critical activities as well as the quality of what you count that combine to create your sales success.

Secondly, we will share with you the life cycle of a sales individual and what it takes to understand and manage them through this process to enhance their success. Little to no knowledge of this often leads to poor performance or the 'revolving door' of new hires! Situational Leadership will help you understand your team across all parts of your business but SBR will focus on the sales element to get the most out of your business developers.

In this workshop we will explore how to identify and use your Critical Success Factors to:

• Create a “track to run on” that demystifies sales success
• Create peer accountability & comparison
• Produce powerful data for your 1-2-1s, training & marketing decisions
• Identify the correct areas of focus to create a scalable sales model
• Identify where your team is in their ‘life’ cycle of performance
• How best to lead and manage sales people to optimise their performance

This Masterclass is free of charge for all SPA members and will be a mixture of both presentation and workshop. Once the theory, skills and proven logic have been presented you will then work in groups to best establish how this can be installed in your business on your return... Thus making this training and agreed best practice truly ‘installable’.

You will receive a Workbook containing the presentation content and you will be encouraged to make notes and ‘personalise’ your copy to help you on your return to your business.

To book your place on the Masterclass either contact Allan or Julie at the SPA Office or book your place in the Events section of the website. Places will be limited and will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.