KM Software and the future of SPOCS

6th February 2023

KM Software and the future of SPOCS

SPOCS was created by its founder, Clive Corner, in the late 80s. The system has been since running Sheet Plant operations all over the UK and Ireland.

The company is now experiencing considerable growth, with many projects being developed to take SPOCS to new heights.

A major development taking place currently is a Corrugator Scheduler module, which will allow SPOCS to be used by Integrated plants and Sheet Feeders. KM Managing Director, Eduardo Andrade, is leading the project, along with a dedicated R&D team, with an innovative approach to the cutting stock problem.

The final product will combine trim loss minimisations, lean manufacturing, and algorithms to find the optimal combination between waste reduction (manufacturing goal) and orders manufactured and delivered at the desired time (sales goal).


As well as reaching a new market with the corrugator module, the company is also focused on providing the best possible solution and service for Sheet Plants. Ongoing recruitment is taking place in the UK and overseas, to reinforce the technical support and development teams.

SPOCS users can now count on better and faster support, remote and on-site training and system innovations delivered regularly.

Speaking of system innovations, a new Business Dashboard is being developed, in collaboration with the Sheet Plant Association. The software will be free for SPA members and promises to be a very valuable tool for managing directors and senior management.

The system will consist of a web application, securely accessible from a PC/Laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, from anywhere without the need of a VPN or any other technical configuration.

The user just needs to access their dedicated web app to get vital live information about their plant, on a modern interface.

The fully configurable KPIs will allow which plant to tailor the information displayed to their own specific needs.


Also in collaboration with the SPA, the Board Grade Calculator is being redesigned as a web application. Free for SPA members, users will be able to use the tool from anywhere, being able to have their own configurations, import supplier prices and export results to Excel and PDF.

The application is under development and has been designed to be extremely fast and simple to use.


KM’s Managing Director, Eduardo Andrade, is very enthusiastic about the company’s future, which has experienced solid growth during the last 2 years, with no signs of slowing down.

We believe that SPOCS is a great tool to help businesses of all sizes reduce costs and run operations more efficiently. Our team of specialists is able to provide business consultancy and training to make sure the software is tailored to the users’ needs and that it is being used to its maximum capabilities.



KM Software is co-sponsoring the 105th SPA Conference, where it will present the latest news and innovations.

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