An update and Briefing note from CPI on COVID-19 Test and Trace and Self-Isolation

7th January 2021

To           Corrugated Sector

Dear Colleagues

COVID-19 Test and Trace and Self-Isolation

(The following note is being widely circulated, our apologies for any duplication)

We are hearing mixed reports regarding the NHS T&T (different names across the UK, but same principles) specifically that in some instances employees are being told to isolate even though site Covid-19 safe working practices may mean that you consider them not to have had close contact that risked the spread of Covid-19. 

Following a number of recent Member enquires regarding the NHS Test and Trace system and the instruction to self- isolate if you are a named ‘close contact’, please find a briefing note for your information.

Kind Regards

Andy Barnetson, Director of Packaging Affairs, CPI

EMail: Andy Barnetson